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Sunday, 12 May 2013


MAMA memang lama da nak post tentang pam nih...tapi mcm tak de masa..dan tak de review special tentang pam pigeon ni...hehe
mama tulis ni entri pun sebab nak jadikan kenangan ..koleksi pam2 mama...
mybe dalam 2 @ 3 hari pam mama ni akan terjual sebab mama nak let go..
banyak sangat pam la kat ruma..baik let go dan beli barang lain..hahahah

jangan la fikir bukan2,,mama ni membazir ke apa..kalau namanya da OBSES..nak buat macam mana?..lain2 orang lain2 minat la...tengok jew terus nak..


nak tengok review tentang pam ni...
ni mama kopipes
+ tue yang best tentang pam
- tue yang tak best la

- Excellent
Guest User posted this on Jun 04, 2010

I used this machine whilst feeding my three babies. My first baby relied exclusively on expressed milk for 6 months (cleft baby) and this machine was an absolute blessing. I was even able to use it in the car (as a passenger) on a long trip (sounds gross but it was a LONG trip). It has lasted very well through some extensive use.
+ The double unit ability halfed the time it took to express milk. Being able to operate it with both electicity and batteries. The helpful suppliers that send you out spare bits and pieces for free when you need them. Can attach any standard neck sized bottle.
- A little noisy. Having trouble replacing the original nipple stimulators as apparently this is an older model. I found the original stimulator firmer and more effective than the new clear softer ones.

- Good
lauren7947 posted this on Jan 02, 2010

I purchased my pump second hand and I'm really happy with it. It has a few great features like being able to attach a second unit so you can pump both breasts at once. It also is able to run on batteries which is great when you're travelling. I like that you can adjust the suction with a dial. I find it to be a great pump and I'd recommend it.
+ Not as expensive as some other electric breast pumps and it is efficient.
- Even though this is the only electric breast pump I've used, I find it to be a little noisy.Excellent

- Excellent
Guest User posted this on Dec 27, 2009

I love this pump but unfortunately I lost one part which makes the pump work and it is impossible to get parts
+ Gentler than most other pumps i've used
- noisyExcellent

- Excellent
Snoop77 posted this on Dec 26, 2009

I love this brand because of the amazing customer service they provide as I mentioned in the pros. They sent me lots of extra parts and bottles for free. This is so amazing. I know many other brands that you have to pay for extra parts. It is worth buying this pump just for this great service.
+ Inexpensive and works well. It takes batteries or can be plugged in to a power point using the adapter. A second unit can be purchased for $25 if you ring the number on the customer service information that is provided. This is great to be able to do two breasts at once because when you have a let down you can catch all the milk from both breasts at once. It saves lots of time. Any part that needs replacing is posted out for free if you ring the customer service information line. This is for a life-time not just the 12 month warranty period.Good

- Good
mrshooi posted this on Dec 10, 2008

I have used this pump during my holiday to my brother's place in eastern state (since I don't bring my own pump). It works well, but I have found it a bit noisy for the small unit pump. But it still give you a good suction though. I reckoned the suction is even better than my own electric avent isis iq pump. If you mostly do the pump at home, this pump is a good to have. But if you need to bring it somewhere else and pump on the move (eg. on the long bus journey while traveling or touring), I don't recommend it because of the noise level. Unless you couldn't care less that people wondering where is the sounds from and started looking at you :). Apart from that, I still reckon this is a good pump :)
+ Easy to assemble. Works well with double pump. Small unit, easy to bring everywhere. Can adjust the sucking rhytm, from slow to strong suction. can also use the pump kit from medela, as they are similar in size.
- For small pump standing unit, this pump is really noisy. You can't pump discreetly, since the noise can be heard outside the room.

- Good
Norman posted this on Aug 08, 2008

I bought this pump because I had heard that the pigeon manual pump was good and this one was on sale. It is a handy little pump - very easy to set up and use and doesn't take up a lot of space. I found that I was able to pump fairly effectively with it. Although after a lot of use, it started to faulter a little bit if the cord wasn't connected well enough to the pump. Would recommend it.
+ Easy to use. Compact. Easy to clean.
- Slow sucking action. Small bottle means can't pump large quantities without emptying the bottle.

ada 7 review tentang pam ni
bagi mama pam ni best jugak la sebab

  • comel ,kecik dan kompak
  • sedutan mimik bayi
  • bateri dan letrik

itu sahaja la,yang leceh nya pam ni bising la....
mama beli,guna sekali then simpan dalam almari...
baik let go kepada yang memerlukan ...
ni yang mama punyer

mama let go pam ni pam pureen sekali,RM150 termasuk pos...berminat? bole mail mama di

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